Testimonial Center Parcs’ Ingrid van der Linden voor Lilian Kranenburg

Beste Lilian,

Ingrid van der Linden

Ingrid van der Linden

Nogmaals heel hartelijk dank voor de interessante training vandaag, de interactie en de prettige sfeer.

Wat mij betreft een must voor iedereen die met China zaken doet!

Best regards, Cordialement,
Met vriendelijke groet,


Logo_PierreVacances_Centerparcs-125x125Ingrid van der Linden
Group Talent Development & Recruitment Manager

juni 2016

Dalsem testimonial for ChinaMoves’ business culture training

fotomeindertvanwensenThe training was very professional and the topics in balance; with the bigger picture on the first day and some company specific case studies the second day. Lilian is very good in transferring her deep knowledge about the Chinese (business) culture. When I started to do business in China I soon realized that its culture is nothing like I experienced before. The culture training by Lilian was an excellent way to actually sit down and reconsider our Dutch approach in order to navigate through the complex Chinese culture. Thanks and hopefully we will meet again.

Meindert van Wensendalsem logo
Export Area Manager

Dalsem, Complete Greenhouse Projects


Positive testimonial for Lilian Kranenburg by Kees Bout

keesboutI believe our staff all appreciated Lilian’s training, organised by NBSO Qingdao, as it clearly had a good effect on them. It now seems they feel more comfortable with “us” which makes cooperation more easy and more trusting. The communication has already improved!  And it was a nice interruption of the daily work routine.


De-WildKees Bout
General Manager
De Wild (Rizhao) Garden Machinery Co. Ltd.

April 2015


Testimonial for Lilian Kranenburg following workshop Dutch Mindset Workshop, Qingdao

Johm Liu

John Liu

I like to help Lilian with this testimonial because I do think the training was helpful and valuable for the participants.  It gave me a better understanding of the Dutch way of thinking and behaviour and believe it can help me to work more efficiently and effectively when communicating with my Dutch colleagues or business partners.



logo vanudenJohn Liu, Chief Representative Van Uden, Qingdao
April 2015









Paramelt executives give Lilian Kranenburg glowing testimonial for China culture training

JeroenenAlicevandenBoschIn February and March, 2015, Lilian gave two trainings at Paramelt in Heerhugowaard (North Holland). We (Jeroen & Alice) will live and work in Suzhou for a couple of years and the purpose of the training was partly to get more insight in Chinese culture and habits and partly in how to do business with the Chinese people in China.  Lilian is an excellent & enthusiastic trainer, dedicated, very well prepared and she has a lot of knowledge about Chinese culture & language. During her presentations she worked with case studies and short movies to make the training sessions more interactive and visually supportive. She is a China expert on each front. With Lilian’s valuable support, we are  looking more forward to move over to cross the boarder than ever.

Best regards,

Alice and parameltJeroen van den Bosch
resp. Business Development Specialty Waxes & Packaging Market Manager Asia

March 2015




Testimonials voor Lilian Kranenburg nav zakelijke cultuurtraining, Dalian

Dear Lilian,

Su YangI should have written to you earlier for letting you know my appreciation for your training a week ago………I always tell my friends that the more you let people understand you, the more opportunities you get and the easier and more efficient your life will be. The same goes for your working life: the more ideas or opinions you give, the more confidence and respect you will gain, and the easier you will fulfill your own value in a team.

Your training has made my mind clearer and very helpful for my future working.

playseat logoSu Yang

7th of April 2014

Dear Bas,
I appreciate the great hospitality  yesterday.  I’d like to say, this is one of the greatest training courses  I’ve ever attended. I hope to take part in similar events organized by you team in the future, if anything I can help, just let me know.

Alex Han
Philips Dalian

2nd of April 2014

Chinese werknemers voor Nederlandse bedrijven leren over ‘Dutch culture’ in Dalian

Lilian giving training in Dalian

In Nederland worden er ontzettend veel trainingen en seminars georganiseerd om Nederlanders beter inzicht te geven in de Chinese business cultuur, maar andersom dat hoor je niet vaak. Voor een goede en effectieve communicatie is het natuurlijk net zo belangrijk dat Chinezen zich in Nederlandse cultuur verdiepen als andersom. Om daar een stap in te zetten heeft het NBSO Dalian een speciale trainingsmiddag georganiseerd voor Chinese werknemers bij Nederlandse bedrijven in de regio, om hen wat mee te geven over de Nederlandse cultuur en samenleving. Het Nederlandse training-en consultancy bureau ChinaMoves werd gevraagd de training te verzorgen. Trainer/coach Lilian Kranenburg: “Onze focus heeft altijd voornamelijk gelegen op het trainen van Europese en Nederlandse zakenteams die nauw met Chinese business partners samenwerken en expats die naar China gaan, maar wij hebben inmiddels enkele van dergelijke trainingen voor Chinese managers georganiseerd die Nederland/Europa beter willen begrijpen, en de reacties daarop waren zeer positief”. Bas, is het niet leuk om hier een of twee quotes tussen te zetten (bijv van Alex)? – dat onderbouwt deze statements

Ook in Dalian was het animo groot. Er waren eigenlijk maar 10 plekken voor deze interactieve training, maar vanwege de populariteit waren er uiteindelijk 15 Chinese managers van Nederlandse bedrijven aanwezig. Er waren vertegenwoordigers van grote multinationals zoals: Philips, TNT & ING, maar ook MKB-bedrijven zoals bijvoorbeeld NRLVV (landscape design), Playseat (gaming),  Holland Gebhard (shipbuilding) waren aanwezig. De Chinese managers bespraken de overeenkomsten en verschillen tussen Nederlanders en Chinezen.  Situatie scenario’s gebaseerd op werkelijke voorvallen werden gebruikt om communicatie hindernissen te duiden en ideeën aan te reiken om in te spelen op Nederlandse handelswijzen. De Chinese managers konden veel voorbeelden delen van eerdere gevallen van miscommunicatie met hun Nederlands management en/of Nederlandse klanten. Het was goed en leuk te zien dat er veel ervaring in de groep aanwezig was. Het delen van dergelijk ervaringen hielp alle aanwezigen om het begrip van Nederland en de Nederlandse ‘way of thinking and doing business’ te verbeteren, en daarnaast was het een mooi netwerk moment voor de Nederlandse bedrijven in Liaoning onderling.

Geschreven door: Bas Overtoom, Chief Representative NBSO Dalian en gepubliceerd in MinBuza nieuwsbrief ‘Zakendoen in China’

Testimonial by Bas Overtoom for Lilian Kranenburg

Bas Overtoom

Bas Overtoom

Lilian is an excellent trainer: well-prepared, clear and positive. She is a China expert with a passion for the country and its culture. She a valuable adviser when it comes to companies that want to understand China better, but she can also help Chinese managers to gain deeper understanding of the European way of doing business. If you have an opportunity to work together with her, grasp it!

Bas Overtoom Chief Representative
Netherlands Business Support Office Dalian


Testimonial for Lilian Kranenburg by Jochem Manus van der Jagt

Foto Jochem Manus van der JagtThe translation of your business card, or at least the translation of your name and your company name, can be very valuable when doing business in China.

Lilian Kranenburg of ChinaMoves chose to use only my given name as my full Chinese name. This because the first syllable of my name matches the sound of a standard Chinese surname (尤 You 恒 Heng, You is a Chinese surname but also means ‘outstanding’ while Heng means permanent and constant)

The name is pronounceable for Chinese people and understandable for me!

Lilian’s translation has proven to be very valuable and above all, also one that suits me.

Jochem Manus van der Jagt


Director Projects
Hong Kong Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands


Testimonial Marcel Creemers IT& Business Nyenrode voor Lilian Kranenburg

Marcel Creemers

Marcel Creemers

In June 2013, the Nyenrode Modular Executive MBA progam in Business&IT wanted to visit China (Shanghai and Chengdu). The purpose of this trip was partly to answer research questions posed by the Dutch and European CIO community and IT sector, and partly to engage in a “cultural shock”.

In preparing this trip, we called for experts who could give us a head start. I am very happy to say that Lilian Kranenburg, as an outstanding expert, and whom we have engaged on previous occasions at Nyenrode, has given us a clear insight into Chinese culture, habits and language. This helped us to get much more information back to the Netherlands than we had expected. The members of our group – middle aged and experienced IT managers  – were astonished to see how they could communicate easily with chief officers of enterprises, government and universities, who sometimes were not able to speak English very well.

After our return to the Netherlands, Lilian was willing to share our experiences and discuss our conclusions about the opportunities to do profitable business in China. Without Lilian’s support, our China visit would not have had so much value. Thank you.

Marcel Creemers

Professor Information Systems Management at VU Amsterdam and Modular MBA Programme Director at Nyenrode Business Universiteit

Reactie Frank Dikotter op recensie van lezing Lilian kranenburg

foto frank dikotter“Dear Lilian,

Thank you so much for coming along and writing a terrific review! It is superb, I am very grateful.
All best wishes, 
Review written following professor Frank Dikotter’s lecture in Amsterdam on 10 September 2013 re “The Tragedy of Liberation.’
For complete review please refer to this link.