lao pengyouChina, a dynamic country that is transforming itself rapidly. Movements and trends seem to compete for the latest news.  From small happenings in regional backwaters to the big national events that galvanise the country – they may suddenly be of influence on the day-to-day running of your business in China.

ChinaMoves helps you to interpret these changes and act on them – through in-depth market research, trend spotting, intercultural communication and public relations advice and effective B2B strategies. Making your China business approach a whole lot more all round!

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Business in China moves you.  You move China.

China moves you. You move China.

Cross CultureWorkshops & Training Modules

Learning how aptly to navigate unfamiliar cultural business customs, etiquette and protocol will
contribute to creating a pleasant multi-cultural work environment, building respectful relationships and
successful business deals. A smart investment that will go a long way!

In co-operation with China Access

More information: CrossCultureModules.pdf

Business Game: The China Culture Challenge

This fun and informative business game, with three training levels, leads you across what you need to know about performing well in China.
Find out whether you and your team have the experience and wit to navigate this turbulent market adequately. Your knowledge and understanding of China will be quizzed and your experience put to the test during an exciting and challenging game.  Fun, exiting and instructive. Your benefits:

  • Identify follow-up actions regarding your operations in China
  • Increase your capability and flexibility to navigate across China’s
    business landscape
  • Discover your China strengths and other’s weaknesses
  • Address your own blind spots regarding China’s business context
  • Obtain insights in how to improve your China business approach

More information: chinaculturechallenge.com

This game was co-created with: China Access, Culture-Inc, China Inside